Festival 2020

Dear friends,

Inspired by 3 day ́s working together from 2.-5. January, I wish to keep going my artistic research in communication with other ́s. Therefore I will initiate a whole week of Laboratory in summer 2020. And I would like to invite you to join me.

Since the lab-like concentration of the process is important to me, I have set a maximum number of 20 participants.

Based on experiences from previous artistic collaborations and discussions, I became aware of the starting point, which I am curious to set as a common framework for the laboratory in summer, which i call Festival 2020:

To bring oneself – with all one’s inner conditions, impulses, questions and needs – into an encounter with others for a fixed period of time in a special physical place, without announcing a common theme, agenda or method in advance. The paradoxical definition of Unpredictability.

Please note:

There will be no workshops or other “goodies” at Festival 2020. It will be the paradise for amateurism, and that’s exactly what it should be. There will be room to be an amateur and experiment with yourself, with new dimensions and fields. What you do, you do uncontrolled and artistically from within yourself, and nobody will give advice to others or use pedagogical tricks. It is simply a time to develop your own experiences.
There will be a practical framework for meals and teams to take care of it, and the cleaning and all the other practical concrete things that are necessary for such a time, but otherwise it is a camp and not a leader-educator activity at all. If people want to sit down and philosophize spontaneously from time to time, that is fine, but not organized.

Nobody is allowed to earn money with their participation, except from the care-costs I will charge and the camp fee, see below

Arrival day: August 4 th , 2020 (before 5 p.m.)
Day of departure: August 12 th , 2020
Costs (incl. approx. 65€ for food, 40€ for rent, 25€ for organizational work): about 130,00€
Maximum number of participants: 20

Contact me if you are interested in this idea, have questions or want to participate.

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