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Do not simply send me any conference documents, business correspondence, unsolicited letters, invitations, packages, etc. to the address below. Please use my contact form.

If shipping is unavoidable, please ask me digitally for a suitable shipping address for your request.

You do not agree with the content of this blog, feel defamed, or your rights are violated? Please get in touch with me. I am very pleased to grant you the right of reply, and will immediately remove and/or correct proven false allegations in the interest of my dear readers and my impeccable reputation.

Are you planning a warning? At the moment this is a modern way of making a quick buck, and I don’t blame you. However, I should point out that there is absolutely nothing to be gained from me and I am just waiting for a welcome reason to enjoy the freedom that comes with private bankruptcy. In the sense of a rational and quick solution of the problem, Option I, the polite contact, seems to me to be the most effective.

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